Perrin Brewing Entry Level IPA

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India Pale Ales have been a favorite in craft brewing circles for decades—but their big, bold, hoppy and bitter flavors aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. The trick of it is, they’re an acquired taste like coffee. If you can find the right IPA to start with, you can develop a taste for the bitterness while being able to appreciate the complex flavors that those hops bring to your beer.

True to its name, Perrin Brewing’s Entry Level IPA might be just the right beer to start your hophead journey with. It’s light at just 4 percent ABV, with an approachable hopping of Sultana and Citra hops that gives a slight floral hint to a tropical and citrus fruit backbone. It’s just 100 calories too, so you don’t have to load up on the malt and alcohol that so often come with high ABV ales.

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