Rimowa One Bottle Case

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There are many pleasures to be had from even a simple bottle of wine, bourbon, brandy, or tequila. But as you begin to invest more in your imbibing, you’ll find a whole new world of experiences—with the most expensive bottles offering something that goes beyond flavors and aromas and hits straight to the core of your humanity.

Rimowa One Bottle Case

Those special bottles look fantastic displayed on their own, but leaving a $1000 bottle out in the open can be a dangerous game. Why not protect your drinking pleasures with Rimowa’s One Bottle Case? It’s a solid aluminum case that’s designed to be TSA-friendly, so you can even take your most precious bottles along with you to weddings, honeymoons, or vacations. In short, the One Bottle Case is the home and travel accessory every connoisseur of spirits and wines should add to their collection.

Price: $1,720

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