Nomad Siri Remote Leather Cover

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Your remote control should look and feel just as fancy as the smart TV it’s connected to. Brittle, easily cracked plastic is out — protective, and ergonomically pleasant is in. Nomad’s Leather Remote Cover, designed for your Siri remote, not only visually elevates your smart controller, it also adds a layer of much-needed protection.  

Nomad Siri Remote Leather Cover

Nomad’s Leather Remote Cover is made from Horween leather sourced from the USA, which gives it a soft, comfortable grip, but also offers your Siri remote a bit of dimension. The microfiber lining adds another layer of protection, while the built-in AirTag pocket allows you to conveniently locate your Siri remote if you accidentally misplace it under the couch. (AirTag sold separately.)

Price: $40

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